Submitting an Article

Submitting an Article

First of all click on the submit paper.

You will be redirect to a new user register page. Fill the form and click on the register button. If you have already created an ID simply click on login and proceed to further.

After clicking the register button you will be redirect to your submission dashboard.

There are five steps for submitting an article in OJS.

To begin, from the Author User Home page click [New Submission] or from theĀ AuthorĀ page with Active Submissions, select theĀ Click HereĀ link underĀ Start a New Submission, to proceed to the first step of the submission process.

Start a new submission by clicking theĀ New SubmissionĀ button on the right side of the screen. You will be taken to Step 1 of a 5-Step process to upload and describe your submission.

Step 1

InĀ Step 1 you will provide preliminary information about your submission.

To begin select the appropriate section for your submission (e.g., article, review, etc.). If you arenā€™t sure which section is appropriate, make your best guess.

Read and agree to the statements in the submission checklist by checking each box. Include any comments for the editor, read the journalā€™s privacy statement, and then click theĀ Save and ContinueĀ button to move toĀ Step 2.

Step 2

OnĀ Step 2, a window will open allowing you to upload your submission file.

First, drag and drop your file in the upload section or click on upload file and select your article file for uploading.

Once uploading is completed click on the article text. If there is more additional files (e.g., a data set or an image) with the article text hit add file and upload it after uploading is complete, click on Other and select the title of the document. Once you have finished uploading all of your files, clickĀ Save and Continue to move to Step 3.

Step 3

OnĀ Step 3, you will be asked to add more information about the submission, including the title of the submission (broken down into prefix, title, and subtitle), the abstract, and additional contributors.

You can add more contributors (e.g., co-authors), by clicking theĀ Add ContributorsĀ link. This will open a new window with fields to enter their information.

HitĀ Save and the new contributor will appear on the screen.

Depending on the journal you are submitting to, you may see additional fields to complete, such as keywords.

To enter keyword, simply type the word or phrase and hit your Enter key. The word or phrase will be formatted as a keyword.

ClickĀ Save and ContinueĀ to move forward.

Step 4

On Step 4, you will be asked to confirm that you are happy with your submission.

ClickĀ Finish Submission.

A box will pop up asking you to confirm you are finished. ClickĀ OK.

Step 5

Your submission is now complete! The editor has been notified of your submission. At this point, you can follow the links to:

  • Review this submission
  • Create a new submission
  • Return to your dashboard


And here is your submission in your Dashboard. You can see that it is currently in theĀ SubmissionĀ stage.

Over the coming days, it will move into the Review stage, and if accepted, into the Copyediting and Production stages before being published.

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